Sunday, June 3, 2007

An Introduction

The word transhumanist is tossed around a lot (as are cliché opening lines, but I digress). By a widely accepted definition it simply refers to any person who welcomes - with open arms and minds – technology, and how it can serve to improve human health span (and subsequently, lifespan) as well as intellectual, physical, cognitive and psychological capacities to elevate humans to a state where they are decidedly different from, well, us. It is a realization that modern day humans are not at the end of the developmental tree, and that technology can emancipate us from our current human limitations and subsequently allow us to take some control of our evolution. And, of course, that this is good thing for our species.

Obviously, you can tear that definition apart from a hundred angles. After writing it, I’m already doing so in the back of my mind. The word “decidedly” is by far the trickiest one in there, but for all intent and purposes of this blog, you’ll just have to assume that in my mind, we are not Posthuman. Not yet at least from my vantage point, though it’s worth nothing that only in retrospect will the actual pivot point be clear (if it ever is). But it is a comfortable medium; a compromise of sorts that we can build upon.

Given the aforementioned definition, it’s easy for the mind to steer down the road of medical sciences. Make no mistake; medical sciences are crucial to the transcendence of humanity, but they alone cannot take a human and evolve him. A true Posthuman is a complete package, able to see things from new angles; to realize critical thought and elevate creativity to new levels.

My aim for this blog (aside from appeasing peer pressure) is to look at all things in the current world through my transhumanist eyes and analyze them, discuss them, or simply report on them.

Originally, I was going to write “all things in the current world of science” but there is so much more out there. If I discover something remarkable in the fields medical sciences, of course I will write about them! But that’s only a small part of the whole that is the future of humans, and indeed our planet.

I hope to walk a wide spectrum in this blog, for your amusement and my own.

- Alex

Extra Tidbit: I’m borrowing the Extra Tidbits idea from my favorite movie news site - - and every post will close with one. Typically, they will have nothing to do with the actual blog.

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